Nov 8 2014

Dictionary of Unhappiness

For an audience that loves art and is familiar with the Situationist International, Cruel Hospice (an imprint of LBC Books) is 80+ pages of stunning pop visuals colliding with harsh political definitions. Included are definitions of air, authentic, and anarchist (to name but a few).

Faith: The unshakable belief that God encourages commerce

Criminal: Believes she is alone in her despair and therefore sees only an individual solution to a universal problem – how to live without working.

This is the second book from the Cruel Hospice imprint. The first was a post-situationist set of essays against work and the logic of the management of humans vis a via work. Demotivational Training does this in the ironic tone of exactly such human resources manuals.

Isaac Cronin is one of the founders of the Situationist movement in the United States in the late 60s. As co-creator of the Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous, and a long time provoceteur, he is the author, editor, and translator of eight books of social criticism and hundreds of pamphlets, texts, posters and subversions on dozens of topics ranging from nihilism to the Weather Underground to psycho-geography. His feature length video documentary, Call it Sleep, has been shown at museums and theaters around the world.

Tyler Spangler is a digital collagist with a broad-ranging style and eclectic influences ranging from Godard to Man Ray to trandtional Pop Art. His images have appeared in dozens of magazines around the world, and have been exhibited in galleries in London, Rome, and Los Angeles. Tyler is a graphic designer for skate and surfboards, textiles, film and music collateral.

Authored by Isaac Cronin, Tyler Spangler.

Imprint: Cruel Hospice

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