Accomplices of LBC

LBC Books is a new publishing instance of a group who have been involved in anarchist publishing for nearly 10 years. For almost five years the folks at Little Black Cart have been distroing anarchist and anti-political materials. Now, we are ready to take this project to the next level, and we introduce LBC Books – our publishing arm.

We are calling for accomplices! We hereby invite you to join us in this adventure (which might end with all of us sharing bunks in future internment camps).

The Accomplices of LBC Books is the easiest way to participate in this project, and share in teh awesome.
For $20 / month ($25 foreign) you get every new title we publish (at least 12 in 2012), 20% off of every Little Black Cart distribution item, and we will start you out with a free book or t-shirt of your choosing from 2011 or earlier.

LBC: Accomplices