About LBC Books

LBC Books is the publishing arm of the long running Little Black Cart distributor. It will work a little differently than a traditional publisher. LBC Books works with motivated and engaged writers and editors who are doing interesting projects (usually anarchist but not exclusively), to help them publish their material. We deliver end to end: content, editing, and print–with the intention of broadcasting vibrant anarchist voices into this century.

When we work with a writer or editor we are willing and able to work closely (or not) on all aspects of a project to make it successful. First, we understand that different projects have different definitions of success. Second, we have a strong sense of varying audiences, and what will appeal to these different groups. Third, we have extensive content and editing experience that we can offer your project. Finally we have the layout, presentation, and production skills to make projects actually happen and look good.

Our project is an anarchism of many voices & attitudes.

What we publish we then distribute through Little Black Cart, which has its own dedicated audience of attentive and interested readers. Starting with the launch of LBC Books there will be dedicated energy towards marketing our titles beyond our present active website and events tabling.