Freedom: my dream

In March of 2012 we reprint the long out of print title from the other anarchist LBC, the Libertarian Book Club, New York City’s oldest continuously active anarchist institution, founded by Jewish and Italian exiles from fascist Europe in 1946. The book is called Freedom – My Dream and is the autobiography of Enrico Arrigoni (aka Frank Brand) an Italian-born anarchist illegalist who lived during some of the most exciting times in Europe of the past century. He was active against communists and fascists before, during, and after wars, news correspondent in Spain during the Spanish Civil War, and was staunch in his beliefs from beginning to end. This autobiography, the story of a life of resistance to church and state, bullshit and fascism, is full of adventure and heart, stories well told from a life rich with adventure, near escapes, good friends, and better enemies.

Publisher: Ardent Press
Buy: March 2012
380 pages, Digest

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