Dangerous Constellations

Dangerous Constellations is a vaguely anarchist literary journal to contemplate the unknown and made-up potential of life. There are many spaces to critique pop culture, rewrite the ways we are oppressed, explore relationships, recruit or prosthelytize, to relive experiences of revolts and revisit highlights of revolutionary history. There are many publications for the celebration of victories and lifestyles and choices, and many for the critique of those things. But this is not one of those. Rather, it is a space to share and distribute the visualizations of these things through short stories and poetry. From your dystopic nightmares, to fantasies of hopping trains, to heartbreaks, to all the poems you wrote that the New Yorker sent back to you. Within DC’s pages will be fictitious and fantastical tales of disillusionment, complicated relationships, adventures, epic poems, scars and unreal joys. Some say “Lenin and Marx have never fucked the ways we have”. DC envisions that perhaps they did and we want to hear the story. It’s not real life and anything could happen. Half of what anarchists write is really fiction, anyway.

Submission and domination will be the parameters by which we outline the bodily constellation of the first journal. Anarchists, radicals, queers and all those on the edge of politics are keenly aware of how these concepts play out in our lives, battles and love affairs. All those interested, anti-authoritarian (but pro-author) are encouraged to submit their stories exploring submission and domination of all genres from dramedy to scifi, erotica to classic fiction, poetry to prose. Deadline March 3rd.

email: constellations@lbcbooks.com
blog: constellations.anarchyplanet.org


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