Black Bloc Papers

The Black Bloc Papers is a set of documents preserved from the anti-globalization movement from 1999 2001. It serves as a punctuated beginning by way of calls to action, manifestos, and action reports of a new era of anarchist organizing and activity. Rather than organizing to last or to win the black bloc enters from stage left as a disruption; to global capital, to protest politics as usual, as ephemeral and ubiquitous.

Suddenly anarchy and the black bloc were front page news in the US and soon would become synonymous with each other. I, like others around the world, watched it on the nascent Indymedia, and was inspired. The raw emotion and energy was a rude awakening for Power and a clarion for the disaffected amongst us. We were breaking free of the confines of polite protest, and were never going to go back.

-scott crow From the Forward

The Black Bloc Papers is intended for those who would like to understand the vigorous protest politics of anarchism, the tactic of the black bloc as practiced over a decade ago, and as a historical signpost reminding us of how far we’ve come and how far we have left to go.

LBC Books is publishing this title in the spirit of anarchist attempts at publishing this document over the past decade. We have used the work of Breaking Glass Press, the Alternative Media Project (, and the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective in this publication.

Edited by David Van Deusen & Xavier Massot.

Imprint: LBC Books

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